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Several hundred answers from men of all ages, races, and backgrounds.

  • What he does and what he says don't seem to match up.
  • Does my penis size really matter to her?
  • Does he think about other women during sex?
  • Does he care if I have love handles?
  • Does she really care how much money I make?
  • What does she see in him that I don't have?


Each week I get hundreds of messages from men and women from all around the world asking me questions about love, sex, relationships, dating and marriage.

Instead of waiting for me to reply and having a short interaction on Twitter or Instagram, you can have direct access to me. Here you can get one on one time with me to ask anything about relationships, sex, lust and of course love.

Ask me those questions that you've been dying to ask women or men and haven't had the courage to do so for fear of judgment or repercussions.

I will give you the answers you've been looking for. Learn what men and women are looking for and let me help you build a strong relationship that lasts!

And if you're not in the market for a partner but are seeking to further understand yourself and how your actions have contributed to your previous unsuccessful relationships, my unique interview process will leave you feeling clearer and more certain about what you're looking for than ever before.

You'll walk away with a deeper understanding of what you're seeking in a partner and what's unique and special about you. Stop settling for less than you deserve and join me in finding the love that matters.

If you're ready to discover a deeper understanding of yourself or your partner and looking to find a more passionate relationship, "click here" to get started!





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