Confessions of 400 Men Launching June 21st!

Join us Thursday, June 21st from 6-10pm at La Peg's Beer Garden in Philadelphia, PA to help celebrate the book launch!




A book about men - for men and the women who love them

From urges to infidelity, and loneliness to love at first sight, Confessions of 400 Men exposes men's innermost thoughts and feelings. Filled with humor, insight, and even a bit of soul searching, this book chronicles one woman's quest to help women, and men, better understand the men in their lives.


Through my conversations with over 400 men of all ages and backgrounds, I discovered the untold side of the relationship story - his side. Confessions of 400 Men, a book about men for men and the women who love them, explores what men have to say about life, relationships, love and sex when one woman cared enough to ask.

Who am I?

I'm an author, blogger and published columnist who explores the mysteries of life, relationships and what makes men and women tick.

I have a penchant for interviewing and questioning everyone about their choices in life, love and what truly makes them happy.

I've worked with hundreds of clients helping them to better understand themselves and ultimately their relationships so they may find true, sustaining happiness.


I'm originally from the Philadelphia, PA area and discovered my love of writing while I was living in upstate NY. I have a degree in Psychology and hold a Master’s degree from Syracuse University.

I'm currently based out of Philadelphia, PA and when I'm not writing, I enjoy taking ballet class, staying healthy, and adoring Lola Falana, my rescued Blue Nose Pit bull.