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Top 3 Mistakes Men Make When Creating Their Online Dating Profiles

Top 3 Mistakes Men Make When Creating Their Online Dating Profiles

By Stefan Simonovic

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Dear men, we’d like to take this opportunity and share some female insight on the most common mistakes you make when creating your online dating profiles. Why would we want to help you? Because as cute and funny and nice as you are, you’re often completely hopeless when it comes to presenting yourselves on the web. As you can see, we do think you’re cute, funny and nice and would like to get to know you better, but your online presentations are so off-putting that not only do they not do you justice, they actually kill your chances of ever going out with a girl who’s truly worthy of your time. If you’re looking to find love online, you simply must read what we have to say about the top 3 mistakes you make in your online dating profiles. Otherwise, you’ll forever wonder what you’re doing wrong and why are you still single in your 30s and 40s, and we’ll all stay frustrated because you just don’t get what we want from you!

#1: Mirror Selfies

For the love of God, please don’t post any mirror selfies as your profile pictures. Actually, don’t post mirror selfies anywhere because we’ll definitely Google you once we come across your online dating profile, and if your Facebook or Instagram pops up full of mirror selfies, it will just make us want to puke. Yes, there is no easy way to say this – mirror selfies make any self-respected woman sick to her stomach. They paint a shallow picture of you, portraying you as someone who’s enamored with their physical appearance, sense of style or room décor where said selfie is taken.

Plus, if we subsequently figure out that your camera was slightly tilted so that it shows you’re actually taller in the photo than you are in person, you’ll just end up misrepresenting yourself. Why would you do that to yourself when you’re perfectly nice, adorable and desirable? Please don’t answer. This was a rhetorical question that can be forever buried and forgotten if you just stopped posting mirror selfies on your profiles.

#2: Half-Naked Pictures

We appreciate the fact that men can’t resist half-naked girls showing off their assets in more or less appropriate ways online or offline. We really do. But rest assured when we tell you that there are a time and a place where women want to see half-naked men, and no, that place is not on an online dating site! Kudos to you if you’re ripped, spend hours at the gym every week, eat healthily, and never fall off the wagon, but please, you have to leave something to our imagination!

Also, you don’t have to take off half your clothes to show us what you’ve got! Any experienced girl would be able to tell whether you’ve got muscles or a Buddha belly under that shirt! Don’t flaunt it all over the web because it sends us a message that you’re narcissistic and only looking for physical pleasures. Going back to that self-respected woman, if your profile screams of narcissism and physical pleasure you’re just not going to get her attention.

#3: Posing Next to Fast Cars (Even If They’re Yours)

Don’t even get us started on posing next to fast, expensive cars that are not yours! We won’t even waste our time and dignify such behavior with a response. What we want to draw your attention to is how tacky it is to pose next to a fast car or a monster truck (whatever rocks your boat) even if it is yours!

First of all, people who are truly wealthy don’t have the need to flaunt their wealth. They know very well how much they’re worth, what they had to do to get to where they are, understand the value of money, and don’t waste it on status symbols. People who are trying to appear wealthy do all those things that draw the attention and hopefully, in their mind, the envy of others by sporting expensive goods all over the place. If you’re truly wealthy, let us find out on the fourth or fifth date and be amazed by how humble and down-to-earth you are. If you’re not, why would you want to look fake? Second of all, your fast, expensive, tuned-up muscle car or whatever you kids call it these days can only impress shallow gold diggers with the self-esteem and self-respect of fresh road kill!

If you want a smart, successful, and nice girl to go out with you, you absolutely have to be approachable, easy going, and hold women in high regard no matter how hard it is to resist them! Unfortunately, mirror selfies, half-naked photos, and expensive cars you seem to be impressed with show the exact opposite!


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