Sex Lust and Love

Men have a lot to say about relationships, if only someone would ask




Discover the Truth About How Men Honestly Feel About Women, Relationships, Sex and Love!

Women think they know men. Men love sex, beer, and football. Men are confident and say what they want. Men don't share their feelings. But how well does the fairer sex really understand their masculine counterparts?

Armed with a list of questions that women were dying to ask (but knew their boyfriends and husbands wouldn't want to answer), Heidi Doheny set forth to find out.

Through in-depth interviews with hundreds of married, single, and divorced men of all ages, Heidi discovered that men aren't quite so simple after all. Men have the same anxieties about dating and relationships as women. Men worry about their roles as lovers, husbands, and fathers.

Men, it turns out, have an awful lot to say about all the stuff that women think they already know.

Filled with humor, insight, and even a bit of soul searching, Sex, Lust, and Love is the story of one woman's quest to help women better understand the men in their life -- and an exploration of what men would say about life, relationships, and sex, if anyone would just bother to ask.

Who am I?

Heidi Doheny is an author, blogger, and published columnist who plumbs the mysteries of life, relationships, and what makes men and women tick. She writes a monthly column, Sex, Lust & Love...What Matters?, for the Boca Raton Tribune and is a host for Digital Romance TV. She will be releasing her first book in late 2016.

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