Confessions of 400 Men Launching June 21st!

Pre-order your copy today, or stop by the Thousand Islands Winery Saturday, May 26th from 2-8pm. I'll be signing advanced copies. I'll also be at the 1000 Islands Harbor Hotel Bridal Show on Sunday, May 27th from 10am-2pm.




Want To gain More Confidence With Men? 

Hear what hundreds of men say is the nicest thing women can do for them. It's nothing that you've imagined and simpler than you think. 

Men give firsthand advice to women about dating and what men are looking for from them.  

Why Some Men Don't Call After The First Date

I asked men to tell me which body type was their favorite and why. You might be surprised to hear what they told me!

Join Karolina and I as we discuss tips on how not to lose yourself in a relationship. Maintain your own life, friends, desires and happiness that are separate from your partner.